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Nextdoor/Cookhill – Networking Site

The Parish Council have been made aware of invites circulating by post for Parishioners to sign up to a new social media platform asking them to connect with their neighbours. You may also be invited to join the site by email, these emails will have come via other parishioners who have already signed up.

There have been concerns about the amount of personal information published on the site so please be wary when entering personal details.

Please be aware that this service is not run by, or in connection with, anyone in Cookhill – it is not run by the Parish Council, the Police or the Neighbourhood Watch.

You can read more about nextdoor.co.uk on the BBC website here.

Cookhill Parish Council & Neighbourhood Watch Group

The Parish Council have now set up a closed Facebook Group for Cookhill residents to use if they wish. This official group is local events, clubs and groups and for sharing information that you think will benefit your friends and neighbours in Cookhill. The group will be monitored by the Parish Council ensuring that all posts are appropriate. All posts will be approved prior to publishing and any that are thought to be inappropriate will be not be allowed.

If you would like to join us on Facebook you can do so by searching the following – Cookhill Parish Council & Neighbourhood Watch Group.

Staying safe online…

It is extremely important to protect your personal information whilst using the internet and when signing up to websites. The Parish Council would advise, in the interests of security, that you do NOT give personal information such as date of birth, bank/credit card details to any organisation without researching it and until you are certain of their credentials.

If you are worried that you may have been a victim of any type of fraud or scam, you can contact ‘ACTION FRAUD’ on 0300 123 2040 or by visiting their website actionfraud.police.uk

Action Fraud say “Set up multiple email addresses…. One to use for these type of sites which may sell your details on thus generating spam emails and another email address that can be used purely for your financial/personal use.”

Further useful advice/help available at getsafeonline.org

Or you can send a text message to your registered Neighbourhood Watch group.

Cookhill Neighbourhood Watch – Contact Cllr Terry Bennett on 07765 447997

Kate Stott, Education & Communications Officer for Severn Waste Services, joined the Parish Council at the last meeting to give a very informative presentation on recycling and what you can put in your recycling bin.

Severn Waste Services is the public face of municipal waste management in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, operating facilities for its sister company, Mercia Waste Management.

Kate explained what happens to the items that are currently recycled across the County and how education is a key factor in helping people to understand the importance of recycling. She explained what can happens to your recycled items and advised that if you can’t put something in your recycling bin you can usually dispose of it at the Household waste sites across the County.

To view a comprehensive list of items you can recycle and those you can’t, click here and to read more about Severn Waste Services and the brilliant job they do you can visit their website.


Cookhill Flyer - Vistaprint 2017
Cookhill Cricket Club Junior Roosters begin preparations for the start of the 2017 season with the commencement of indoor training on Friday the 3rd February at Alcester Grammar School. Sessions run every Friday for 10 weeks.

 Girls & U5s to U9s (School Years 1 – 4) 6pm to 7pm

U10s to U14s (school Years 5 – 9) 7pm to 8pm.

The cricket club are also offering FREE taster session to new participants.

Further information about Cookhill CC Juniors please contact Coach – Billy Harris on: 07751580069, email cookhillcricketclub@yahoo.co.uk, or visit the clubs website cookhill.play-cricket.com, or facebook page @cookhillcricketclub.


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