Chairman’s Update – June 2020

Good afternoon, Cookhill!

As the country continues to be affected by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic restrictions Cookhill Parish Council is working hard to continue with duties as much as is possible.

Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council meetings are being held via the Zoom app for the foreseeable future, to limit any possible spread of the virus. Meetings continue to take place on the second Tuesday of the month, with the Agenda published on the Wednesday prior to the meeting, here on the website, and also on the Parish noticeboards. If you would like to virtually attend one of the meetings please contact the clerk for the link.

Planning Applications 

Planning applications will still be reviewed, and site visits made, where the correct social distancing regulations can be safely maintained.

What’s On

The monthly What’s On magazine is currently available online, please click here for more news from around the surrounding Parishes.

Astwood Bank Neighbours Group

The Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at the Astwood Bank Neighbours Group who have been working tirelessly to help vulnerable members of the community with shopping, prescriptions and just giving lonely people someone to talk to. Their help is much appreciated.

For contact details click here.

Website Accessibility Regulations

Many people rely on the internet as a source of information on public services. Local councils already consider those with disabilities when organising events, delivering services and public meetings. Similarly, thought must be given to how accessible information is on council websites. Disabilities can have a significant impact on how a person can access information online, so local councils must make their websites as accessible as possible. Even making small adjustments to a website can have a considerable effect.

The Parish Council have assessed their website for accessibility and installed software to enable everyone to successfully navigate the site. You can read our Accessibility Statement in full here.

Contact the clerk

Remember that if you have something you would like brought to the attention of the Parish Council you can always contact the clerk on 07584 687283 or via email


Councillor Bob Pinfield – Chairman to the Parish Council.

Chairman’s Update – January 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our residents, living in Cookhill and the surrounding area.

We have had a mild winter so far with only a few frosty starts! The Parish Council gritter is on hand should the temperatures plummet so we shouldn’t have too many problems with slippery roads in Cookhill!

Elections 2019

As 2019 is an election year for local Councils this could be your chance to get involved with your community as a member of Cookhill Parish Council.

To find out more about becoming a Parish Councillor and to see how you can get involved click here or contact the clerk for more information.

Computer Club

The Parish Computer Club and Internet Cafe is back up and running after the Christmas break. The club, run by the clerk, is held on a Wednesday morning from 10 till 12 in the Cookhill Village Hall rear meeting room.

Please come along if you feel like a little extra assistance when using your laptops and tablets and if you fancy meeting like-minded local people. There is tea and biscuits too!

If you would like more information about the club you can call in to the Village Hall on a Wednesday morning to meet everyone or you can call the clerk on 07584 687 283.

Contact the clerk

Remember that if you have something you would like brought to the attention of the Parish Council you can always contact the clerk on 07584 687283 or via email

Councillor Bob Pinfield – Chairman to the Parish Council.

Chairman’s Update – Annual Parish Meeting 2018

Chairman’s Report from the ANNUAL PARISH MEETING

Tuesday 10th April 2018

Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) and Community Speed Watch

Speeding has been a concern in the Parish again this year. Incidents on the Ridgeway have dropped following the installation of a fully funded vehicle activated sign, located just after The Nevill Arms, in 2017.

The Parish Council and a group of volunteers, in conjunction with the Safer Roads Partnership, have recently undergone the necessary training to enable them to carry out Community Speed Watch sessions along the 30mph stretch of Edgioake Lane. We hope to be able to roll this out to other problem areas on the Saltway in the future, and possibly outside the flats providing safe locations are agreed with West Mercia Police.

Planning Applications

The Parish Council continue to receive planning applications. The Chairman reminded the meeting that the Parish Council can only advise and pass on their recommendations. The results of planning applications are ultimately decided by a delegated team of salaried planning officers. Details of how the Parish Council deals with planning can be found on the Parish Council website.

Computer Club

The Computer Club / Internet Café is held every Wednesday morning from 10am till 12noon in the Village Hall Meeting Room, during term time. The club continues to be very popular and well received and gives local people an informal chance to come along and ask questions and use their laptops or tablets in the company of others. The clerk runs the club and it is free to Cookhill residents. Refreshments are served. Please contact the clerk if you would like more information.


The Parish Council wished to thank Mr David Claydon and the Allotment Association for their splendid work at the site and for keeping things running so smoothly, they have their own committee of volunteers who do this.

A new rotavator, funded by the Parish Council, is now available for tenants to use on their plots – there is also a larger rotavator available, plus a tractor, used to prepare a plot if it requires a complete revamp. There are currently no vacant plots at the site, but you can be added to the waiting list.

Affordable Housing

The Parish Council have provided a new noticeboard and a litter bin on the verge in front of Ridgeway Meadows, on the A441. Dog poo can be put in waste bins also.

Cookhill Playing Fields

The Playing Fields continue to be very popular and well used. The adult exercise equipment and children’s play equipment has been very successful along with people using the table tennis table and playing football. One of the swings was replaced, due to wear and tear, with a flat, child’s swing and a table tennis table cover was purchase, which survived the recent storms!


The Parish Council gritter has been out on our roads more times this year than ever and the Parish Council thanked Cllr Davis for carrying out this task. The County Council only grit main roads so it is down to the Parish Council to grit all the side roads and car parks in the village.

We saw several incidents of extreme snow during the winter but Cookhill was kept functional thanks to the sterling efforts of the team at SE Davis who came out with the snow plough and cleared the main and side roads so that no one was cut off for long. Special mention should be made of the local farmers who also offered their help, and vehicles, to make sure that most people were able to get to work.

Grants for 2017-18 totals £3,000

  1. Cookhill Village Hall £1,500
  2. Paul’s Church £1,250
  3. Cookhill Cricket Club £250

The Budget for Grants for 2018-19 is £5,000, if you would like to apply for a Grant from the Parish Council please contact the Clerk


The Chairman thanked all the Councillors for their support and attendance to meetings throughout the year. Special thanks to the clerk for all the work she carries out on behalf of the Council.

Cllr Robert Pinfield

Chairman to Cookhill Parish Council