Chairman’s Update – January 2023

Happy New Year!

The Parish Council is looking forward to an exciting 2023, with local elections due to take place in early May and the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. The Parish Council are researching ways to commemorate this historic event.

Platinum Meadows

2022 saw the new Platinum Meadows take shape. The meadow, situated behind Ridgeway Meadow has always been a popular route for dog walkers, as the footpath runs across from the Ridgeway to Botany Bay Nurseries. When the Parish Council had the opportunity to take back this piece of land from one it its tenants it was decided that preserving this area for future generations was the right thing to do.

100 saplings were planted around the perimeter, with a larger oak tree in the centre, complete with a beautiful circular teak bench and 4 fruit trees in one corner, making a future orchard. With help from the Allotment Association Chair and Vice Chair, David Claydon and Jeremy Handy and parishioner, John Hughes, the area was mown into a Union Flag. Crocus bulbs, spelling out ELIZABETH II have been planted, with a quantity of daffodil bulbs to ensure a riotous display of spring colour!

With a further 150 mixed saplings due to be planted this month the meadow promises to be quite a spectacle!

The meadow has been registered with the Fields In Trust so that it will remain in place in perpetuity.

Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council continue to meet once a month, on the second Tuesday, in the rear Conference Room at SE Davis, on Edgioake Lane. The room suits the purposes of the Council perfectly as it is large and airy and can accommodate lots of parishioners, should the need arise.

Planning Applications 

Planning applications will still be reviewed, and site visits made, where the correct social distancing regulations can be safely maintained.

Contact the clerk

Remember that if you have something you would like brought to the attention of the Parish Council you can always contact the clerk on 07584 687283 or via email


Councillor Bob Pinfield – Chairman to the Parish Council.