Chairman’s Update March 2015


Welcome to the Chairman’s Update for March 2015.

Spring is in the air and the village is bustling with activity. This year there are the local elections, the  new housing development, Ridgeway Meadows is preparing for its new occupants and the Parish Council is planning a series of events and activities.

Could you be a Cookhill Parish Councillor?

Parish Council Elections are to be held in May 2015. We are always looking for new voices on the Parish Council so I hope you will check out our Elections 2015 page to help you find out more about the process and the timetable.

If you are interested, contact the Clerk on and she will forward you information and forms as they become available.

Election Time Table for Parish Candidates

Ridgeway Meadows – properties are now available

The long awaited development on The Ridgeway called Ridgeway Meadows is near completion. The rented properties have been advertised and Rooftop Housing are in the process of reviewing the applications.

There has also been interest in the part rent/part buy shared ownership properties, which have just come onto the market and will be ready for occupation in March 2015. You can find out more information by clicking here.

Cookhill Housing flyer March 15


Annual Litter Pick

The Parish Council is gearing up to arrange another litter pick day. I hope many of you will get involved. More details to follow.

Contact the Clerk on or telephone 07584 687283 if you are interested in taking part.


Computer Club

From April 2015 the Parish Council plans to start a Computer Club. Its goal is to help Cookhill residents get started on their digital devices – tablets, PCs, laptops and telephones. We’ll be covering everything from how to switch it on, how to get your email and look up websites, download library book to uploading photographs and creating documents. It’s an informal group geared to help each individual become more comfortable with technology.

Contact the Clerk on or telephone 07584 687283 if you are interested in attending.