Chairman’s Update – September 2017

Autumn is almost upon us once more!

It has been a busy year so far in Cookhill with lots to keep the Parish Councillors busy!

Cookhill Playing Fields 

The new equipment installed at the Playing Fields has received rave reviews with lots of parishioners using the facilities. The new children’s equipment is being well used and we have had lots of reports of villagers using the adult exercise equipment as part of their daily routine.

The Parish Council are currently in the process of replacing one of the baby swings on the older swing-set to enable older children to use it and we expect that to be installed in the next couple of months.

Dog Waste Dispensers 

After reports of high levels of dog waste in the Parish the Councillors agreed the purchase of several dog waste bag dispensers and you will notice them dotted about the Parish. Currently we have one by the Nevill Arms, one at the bottom of Church Lane, one on Edgioake Lane (just past SE Davis) and one at the allotments. The bags dispensed are great quality and it means there is no excuse for not picking up after your four-legged friends!

Parish Paths Warden

The Parish was lucky to appoint a new Parish Paths Warden – Mr Tony Mitchell – in the latter part of last year. Mr Mitchell has now received all the necessary training from Worcestershire County Council and has been busy walking our many footpaths and repairing stiles and reinstating finger posts where possible. As you all know we are very lucky to have a wealth of footpaths in Cookhill and the Parish Council would like to thank Tony for his continued hard work.

Dangerous branches

Finally, if you are concerned about any overhanging wires or cables encroaching onto power lines don’t hesitate to make contact with us and we can make contact with the relevant authorities to make sure that this is dealt with quickly and safely.

As always your Parish Councillors are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Councillor Bob Pinfield – Chairman to the Parish Council.