Chairman’s Update – September / October 2016

Children’s Play Equipment from Wicksteed at Cookhill Playing Fields

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that following the approval confirmation of our request for funding from Wychavon District Council the Council are looking forward to the imminent installation of an exciting selection of new play equipment at Cookhill Playing Fields.

The installation is booked for the end of October and the Parish Council will be organising an official opening to showcase both the adult equipment and the new equipment when it has been safety checked.

The damaged table tennis table has also been replaced so that parishioners can continue to enjoy the space and get exercise in a lovely setting.

The Parish Council are also pleased to announce a new swing set at Cookhill Village Hall. This will be installed at the same time as the equipment at the Playing Fields to minimise disruption.

Dog Waste in the Parish
Following reports of unacceptable amounts of dog waste being left on footpaths around the Parish I have been patrolling the area and asking dog walkers of they have  remembered to clean up after their dogs.

After a couple of weeks of checking the worst affected areas I have noticed a considerable improvement but I would like to remind all dog walkers that it is an offence to leave mess on public paths and land and can incur a £1,000 fine.

At the last Parish Council meeting on 11th October the Councillors agreed to purchase two dog waste bag dispensers that will be placed in prominent places, near to popular dog walking routes and also the dog waste bins. So now there is no excuse!

Cookhill Computer Club 
The Computer Club continues to be a great success with a merry band of residents attending the Internet Café every Wednesday morning from 10am until 12pm. The session is used to practice things like sending emails, transferring images and using programs like Microsoft Word. It is also a chance to get out and meet other, like-minded people living in Cookhill over a hot drink and a biscuit or two!

The Computer Club will be taking a short break during half term week but will start up again on Wednesday 2nd November 2016.

If you would like to register an interest in taking part in the training or attending the computer club please contact the Clerk on 07584 687283 or by email at