Cookhill Parish Council have four public access defibrillators situated at easy to access sites around the parish. This, potentially life-saving, equipment can be found at the following sites;

  • Cookhill Village Hall, situated on the wall by the front entrance. Location postcode – B49 5JS
  • The Nevill Arms, on the front wall. Location postcode – B96 6NB
  • Rooftop Flats, 54/55 The Ridgeway, situated by the entrance door. Location postcode – B96 6LX
  • S E Davis & Sons, Edgioake Lane, situated on the wall of the office. Location postcode – B96 6BG
Defibrillators are key to the chain of survival if someone falls victim to cardiac arrest. These life-saving devices are essentially a reset button for the heart. The electrical shock is administered as part of the chain of survival in conjunction with CPR in order to get the heart beating back to its normal rhythm. However all of this needs to be done quickly in order to give the victim the best chance of survival.
Currently ambulance services, on average nationally, are struggling to respond to “Red 1” emergencies below 8 minutes. When a victim suffers from cardiac arrest, their chances of survival diminishes by 10% with every passing minute. Therefore it’s vital that the victim receives CPR and early defibrillation within a few minutes to stand the best chance of survival.
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To learn more about how defibrillators save lives visit the Resuscitation Council (UK) website.
The Cookhill defibrillators are available 24 hours / 7 days a week, 365 days a year.